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Advances in modern technology have increased the use of Remote Technology to the unprecedented levels we see today.

From the depths of the oceans to the depths of space Remote Technology is in daily use, but it has found particular prominence in the Offshore industries around the world.

Governments are starting to focus on their energy needs, Oil & Gas are at the top of everyones list. The Offshore industry is expanding and ROV Pilot/Technicians are in demand.


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ROV Pilot/Technician Training

The ROV Pilot/Technician market is highly competitive.

Remotely Operated Vehicles have sophisticated electronics systems and specific technical knowledge is necessary not only to perform preventative and corrective maintenance tasks in the field, but to secure consistent ongoing employment.

Offshore contractors prize highly trained ROV technicians as they can ensure ROV system serviceability thereby maintaining contractor profits.

Remote Technology Support have developed ROV pilot/technician training courses that cater for this need and ensure that each student is trained to a commercial ROV pilot/technician standard.

After completion of this course students can be expected to arrive at a contractors premises and start work immediately.

We call it: 'Productive from Day One'.